Tannhäuser|Melbourne Opera|Regent Theatre|August 14, 2016

Australian Book Review|Barney Zwarts|August 15

“The chief glory was Abrahmsen’s Elisabeth”.

The Age|Michael Shmith|August 15

“Abrahmsen’s excellent and dramatic Elisabeth”.

Herald Sun|Paul Selar|August 15

“Impressing, even surprising, from the start of her Act 2 entrance and owning Elizabeth’s tenderness, assertion and pain with deeply emotive strength”.

Four Last Songs|Omega Ensemble|City Recital Hall, Sydney|April 20,2016

Samuel Cottell|Cut Common|April 28, 2016

“Only the combined forces of Lee Abrahmsen and the Omega Ensemble could present such an emotional rendering of Four Last Songs.”

Shamistha de Soysa|SoundslikeSydney|April 22, 2016

“Lee Abrahmsen, immersed in the music, sang with a refreshing tone, creating a ravishing cascade of sound.”

Daniel Kaan|ClassikOn|April 22, 2016

“Abrahmsen’s voice shone and the established balance was perfect. The performance was gorgeous.

Harriet Cunningham|Sydney Morning Herald|April 21, 2016

“Soprano soloist Lee Abrahmsen was the brightest of the many highlights in Omega’s meaty program of Wagner, Mahler and Strauss.”

Clive Paget|Limelight Magazine|April 20, 2016

“The build to the triumphant “in des Welt-Atems wehendem All” was rich and satisfying.”

The Abduction from the Seraglio|Melbourne Opera|February 3-9, 2016

Heather Leviston|Classic Melbourne|February 10, 2016

“Abrahmsen’s full, glorious soprano conveyed the fiery resolve of this virtuoso number (Marten aller arten) with considerable dexterity and control.”

Peter Burch|The Australian|February 6, 2016

“Lee Abrahmsen swept all before her in the role of Konstanze.”

Simon Parris|Man in Chair|February 6, 2016

“The knockout performance of the evening came from gorgeous soprano Lee Abrahmsen.”

Paul Selar|Herald Sun|February 4, 2016

“Lee Abrahmsen navigated Mozart’s perilous scribblings with confidence, her radiant, shapely soprano projecting large.”

Stella|Lyric Opera Melbourne|David Williamson Theatre|September 25, 2015

Heather Leviston|Classic Melbourne|Sept 28, 2015

“Luminous in presence and vocal quality, she moved between hopeful yearning and anguished despair.”

Paul Selar|Herald Sun|Sept 28, 2015

“Lee Abrahmsen’s bright and almost playful demeanour as Stella is burnt with aggravation and perplexity before her descent.”

Michael Shmith|The Age|Sept 27, 2015

“Lee Abrahmsen sang the doomed heroine with beauty and accuracy.”

Simon Parris|Man in Chair|Sept 26, 2015

“Abrahmsen’s achievement in the title role is remarkable, in that she not only clearly establishes a character that is unfamiliar to the entire audience, but also endears the character to us.”

Mahler’s Fourth|Omega Ensemble|City Recital Hall, Angel Place|July 20,2015

Luke Iredale|SoundslikeSydney|July 24, 2015

“Extraordinary guest soprano Lee Abrahmsen joined Omega Ensemble for all three works.  The Stanhope was performed with subtlety and gorgeous understatement by Abrahmsen, whose hushed and gentle timbre brought truly engaging pathos to sombre imagery of the poetry”.

Maxim Boon|Limelight Magazine|July 23,2015

“With a deliciously full-bodied tone, rich in expression and control, Abrahmsen imbued this lullaby-like song with a gentle, childlike optimism and charming grace”.

Samuel Cottell|CutCommon|July 23, 2015

“Soprano Lee Abrahmsen’s full and rounded voice illuminated the emotional content in this pieces. Her controlled vibrato added vibrancy and a kaleidoscope of colours, blending perfectly with the ensemble”.

Nicholas Routley|AustralianStage|July 22, 2015

“The ensemble was joined for this concert by the soprano Lee Abrahmsen. She sang the final movement of the Mahler with a radiant, soaring sound”.

Daniel Kaan|ClassikON|July 21, 2015

“What a mammoth task to bring all that repertoire from nothing to performance standard in 6 days. She gave us an accomplished performance of this often difficult music with her strong, warm and well-centred voice. I stand in awe of her achievement”.

Steve Moffat|Daily Telegraph|July 21, 2015

Abrahmsen was radiant in the childlike Wunderhorn song in the last movement”.

Pearl Fishers|Melbourne Opera|September, 2014

Heather Leviston|Classic Melbourne|2 Oct,2014

“Abrahmsen negotiated tricky coloratura passages beautifully as she wove wonderfully clean trills into the musical fabric. For a soprano whose voice resonates with lyric power a capacity for youthful musical delicacy marked her interpretation”.

Peter Rose|Australian Book Review|Sep 22, 2014

“The testing aria was impressively sung and ended with limpid high notes and a confident trill. In the ensuing impassioned duet with Nadir, Abrahmsen was commanding”.

Simon Parris|Man in Chair|Sept 20,2014

“Abrahmsen’s fully realised performance portrays Leila as a tender and emotional young woman, skillfully engaging the audience’s affection and sympathy. In superb voice throughout, Abrahmsen finishes “As formerly in the dark night” (Leila’s Aria) with an exquisite nightingale tone”.

Paul Selar|Backtrack|Sep 22, 2014

“Abrahmsen’s voice settled to display stunning versatility, characterised by sensuous, smooth coloratura, warm lyricism and both cascading and plummeting aplomb”.

Norma Review|Victorian Opera|Melbourne Recital Centre

Alexandra Mathew|Limelight Magazine|August 26, 2014

Abrahmsen’s brief moments on stage afforded the audience a glimpse of her luscious lyric soprano”.

Recital Review|St Martin in the Fields

S Ali-Oston |London Blog| Aug 3, 2013

“Lee Abrahmsen sang a selection of songs by Poulenc, Strauss and Grainger with such a beautiful voice and animation that she elicited a spontaneous, standing ovation! This is a rare response at St Martin in the Fields”.

La Boheme|Melbourne Opera

Simon Parris|Man in Chair|March 4, 2012

“Abrahmsen, almost too radiantly gorgeous as the sickly Mimi, sings exquisitely, her pure, golden soprano in excellent form.”